Sex Sells In Sport Retail Store in SoHo New York!

According to Forbes magazine, a Luxury Sporting Goods retail storein Soho, New York is ready to break the Taboo and start selling Sex Toys from inside their shop!!

From the Forbes Article:

Contact Sports is looking to break taboos with its new take on adult merchandise.ANNA MORGOWICZ
Sex sells, so they say. And one New York retailer certainly hopes that the old maxim holds true, with a store concept using sporting allusions as a way to break taboos.

Yes, the latest to try and find that sweet spot and build on the popularity of books and movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey is Contact Sports, a new ‘sporting goods store’ which has opened its first retail location in SoHo, New York.

Little wonder that entrepreneurs are turning their attention to a market which is predicted to more than double in size (one statistic where size does matter) from $34.95 billion in 2021 to $75.73 billion by 2030.

In that same period, the global market will increase from 1.48 billion toys to a projected 3.51 billion, according to research from Spherical Insights & Consulting, published April.

North America is dominating the market with more than 48.5% market and players within the sexual wellness market have been expanding rapidly, notably U.K.-based Lovehoney joining forces with Germany’s WOW Tech, plus Swiss company Amorana, to become Lovehoney Group in 2021.

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